Monex believes in keeping our customers and prospective customers informed on the precious metals market. One of those ways is by filming a variety of videos for investors to watch on our site and get information on current precious metals news.

Above is one of our current Metals Market Updates in which you will see Monex VP Mike Maroney offering analysis and commentary on recent activity in the economy, geopolitical climate and the precious metals markets.

In addition to this, we have an entire library of experts’ views on the precious metals market all available to watch on our site for free. These videos range on topics such as why people choose to invest in gold, silver or other precious metals, why precious metals matter and more specific questions pertaining to the current economic standing.

Other Video Offerings

Jeffrey Christian
Multiple interviews with the managing partner of one of the world’s leading precious metals research firms.

Monex In-Studio Interviews
Monex VP Mike Maroney interviews industry experts in the Monex studio.

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