Monex Investor Kit

Get more facts, figures and information about investing in precious metals with a free Monex Investor Kit. Below, you will find just a few of the intriguing items you can request to be included in your own personalized Investor Kit.

RCM Gold, Silver and Platinum Maple Leaf Brochure

Discover the beauty, innovation and quality of Canadian minted precious metals, brought to you by Monex. In this booklet, you’ll find incredible information on products such as the Megaleaf™ and Superleaf™.

Gold and Silver American Eagle Brochures

Almost no other coin is as iconic and beautiful as the American Eagle, available in both gold and silver mintage. These brochures have insightful information about why investors continue to add American Eagles to their investment portfolio.

Gold American Buffalo Brochure

Learn all the options you have when investing in American minted gold by reading more about the Gold American Buffalo in this brochure. Will you diversify your portfolio with the Gold Buffalo?

CPM Group Market Outlook Reports

Dive into the specifics of the precious metals market with informative charts, outlooks and more in the CPM Group Market Outlook Reports.

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