The Getting Started Process
Monex strives to make the precious metals investing process simple. We go through great lengths to make sure your investment is done to your liking and provide a hassle free investing experience. Below are six steps to getting started in precious metals investing with Monex.

  1. Research Precious Metals on Our Website

Take advantage of the resources Monex provides on our website to learn more about precious metals investing.

  1. Call a Monex Account Representative

By talking with an Account Representative at 1-800-444-8317, you can get more details and information about precious metals, Monex specific products, our company, and more.

  1. Determine a Strategy With Your Account Representative

Will you be purchasing silver? Gold? When will you purchase? Decide what best fits your investing goals and what your course of action will be.

Gold Buffalo with Silver Bullion

  1. Make Purchase Based on Your Goals

Now that you have information and an Account Representative, you can purchase metal. The decision on when and what to buy will ultimately be up to you.

  1. Choose Storage, Delivery, or Finance for your Investment

Decide whether you would like your metals to be delivered straight to you or conveniently stored in an independent bank or depository. Ask your Account Representative for more information about financing.

  1. Monitor Your Investment with Monex Online

Monex Online is a convenient online customer portal available for you to monitor your investment with ease. Click here to learn more about Monex Online.

Continue looking through our website for more information. When you’re ready give us a call at 1-800-444-8317, we are eager to start talking about your precious metals investing journey.